Upskill your enterprise
security workforce.

The intensity, frequency, and scale of cyber threats against organizations are exploding every year. Securing your organization is no longer a job for a single expert or security team. Dreamhack Enterprise provides solutions to improve your organization's enterprise-wide security capabilities through courses, wargames, and CTFs.
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Security Training,
We've got everything.

The information security training we've been doing is too vague and hard.
I know security is important, but I don't know the details or don't know how to start.
Even if security training is provided to members, I don't know if it will work.
I want my workforce to have Security capabilities that can be directly applied in collaboration.
It's too hard to see people's growth rates before and after security training..

Improve your enterprise security

with state-of-the-art trends and expertise.

Take the Enterprise Security Assessment to self-assess your organization's security posture and get a score. Based on your score, we'll recommend a difficulty level and curriculum for Dreamhack Enterprise.

Efforts to provide the best learning environment

The Dreamhack team creates lessons that communicate unfamiliar and challenging concepts from a learner's perspective in an easy and effective way through a variety of mediums.

Curriculum that keeps state-of-the-art

from rapidly changing trends

Trends in cybersecurity are changing rapidly, and the threats are increasingly diversifying. The content provided by Dreamhack is always up to date with the latest material, delivering the fastest and most effective learning material to keep pace with the rapidly changing cybersecurity paradigm.
176 days
Average course updates
93 days
The average curriculum creation cycle for a new paradigm

Broad curriculum from fundamentals to applications

Information security has strong ties to many foundational disciplines. Dreamhack is rapidly releasing fundamental curricula that cover the most core information security topics, as well as applied curricula that are in demand by industry.
Basic Curriculum
  • Dream Beginners
  • Web Hacking
  • Reverse Engineering
  • System Hacking
Advanced Curriculum
  • Cryptography
  • Mobile Hacking
  • Cloud Security
  • Embedded Hacking
  • Browser Hacking
Mixed Curriculum
  • Secure Coding
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You can easily manage your members
without any cybersecurity knowledges.

A convenient and intuitive management system makes it easy for anyone to manage learners, systematically track learners' progress and easily understand their learning history, and create competitions that automatically select questions to evaluate learners.
Simple enough for anyone to use.
Systematically track learners' progress.
You can rank or evaluate learners through various evaluation systems.
Simple enough for anyone to use.
Systematically track learners' progress.
You can rank or evaluate learners through various evaluation systems.

Learners stats

Dreamhack is built by white hat hackers who know and understand information security the best, so we deliver courses that are both hands-on and satisfying to learners.
Rate of people satisfied with the materials
Rate of people Include more useful and immediately applicable material than learning through search
Weighted average. Based on survey responses from 132 randomly selected Dreamhack Enterprise users in Q2 2022.

Award-winning contents

Discover content created by world champion white hat hackers. With hacking competitions attracting top-tier hackers from around the world, the Dreamhack team has proven itself through years of winning.
DEF CON 2022 (DC30)
Team 'MMM' 1st place Winner
DEF CON 2019 (DC27)
Team 'PPP' 1st place Winner
Held in Las Vegas, DEF CON CTF is known for its size and iconic status, making it every hacker's dream.


During Dreamhack Enterprise, the Dreamhack team and learners interact closely. With their proven skills as white hat hackers and experience creating learning materials themselves, they are able to quickly and accurately address learners' questions and help them improve their skills.
Dreamhack Team
Hi meu, this is the Dreamhack team. How can we help you?
hello. I have a question in system hacking! How do I get the address of '/bin/sh' from process memory?


How can I start Dreamhack Enterprise?
To get started with Dreamhack Enterprise, click the Get Started button at the top of the page or contact us at Please include your organization name, contact name, contact person, and what you'd like to communicate in the email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
What is the difference between a regular Dreamhack user and Dreamhack Enterprise?
With Dreamhack Enterprise, you can access to Learner management features and Hosting Enterprise CTFs on the manager side, which are not available to regular Dreamhack users. You'll also get access to new courses faster than regular Dreamhack users, and you'll have access to a variety of exclusive questions that are only available to Enterprise learners. For more information, check out the Enterprise Brochure .
Can I use Dreamhack Enterprise without security expertise?
Easy-to-understand and intuitive metrics make it easy to manage your learners, even if you don't have security expertise. During your trial, the Dreamhack team will also use their experience to recommend learning methods that work for your organization.
Is Dreamhack Enterprise only available to businesses?
We're open to any organization that wants to use our services, whether it's a business, a public organization, or an educational institution.
What kind of organization is Dreamhack Enterprise the right service for?
Organizations that want to go beyond one-time security training and have an organized system for improving security capabilities across the organization, permanently, organizations that want to embed a culture of security learning within their organization.
What is the pricing for Dreamhack Enterprise?
Depends on how long you want to use it for and how many people. Please see our Enterprise Brochure for details.